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About Us

At KianKaucho we specialise in facilitating the trade of rubber and rubber based materials around the globe. Our name, Kian (“king”) and Kaucho (or Caucho, being natural rubber) speaks to our core values: delivering high-quality, premium-grade service to our clients in the global rubber market.

Our team is experienced in seeking out ideal, high-value markets within our areas of interest. In the past these experiences include partnerships with firms such as Rüti Texti and Benninger AG in Switzerland, both leading equipment manufacturers with over 15 decades of experience. In addition we have previously worked closely with the likes of Itochu group, one of the largest of Japanese trading companies, as well as a 15 year long collaboration with AkzoNobel.

Through these fruitful partnerships, in addition to bringing value to our clients, we have had a large impact such as introducing dipped fabric technology to the Iranian market. We have also introduced entirely new products to developing markets as evidenced by our work with the likes of Johnson&Johnson baby products and EverReady batteries.

We are always in search of new opportunities, so please get in touch.